Monday, May 3, 2010

furniture aerobics

Dear Mom,

Oh man so this has been an eventful week here in Woodburn, lemme tell ya haha. Okay first off I've gotta tell you about our adventures with the washer and dryer, as well as the couch. So, there are two apartments here in woodburn, but because of the fiasco with so many missionaries going home, one of them is empty right now. The thing is though, is that THAT apartment has (had) a washer, dryer, and a couch, which we did not. Luckily, this apartment is only about half a mile away from ours, so, we decided for our personal exercise time in the morning to run to the apartment every day, and bring back a new piece of essential furniture. We first brought back this huge freakin' hide-a-bed couch that we were so stoked about, and it ended up SUCKING! Oh my gosh its the most uncomfortable couch ever, but we still sit on it just because it was such a beast to carry it all the way to our apartment (yes, we carried it)! Then we brought the dryer which didn't work because it has the wrong plug, then the washer which we hooked up and works (woot woot!). Anyways, so we brought them over, and then just after we finished emails last week, we went and bought a plug that would work for our dryer to hook it up instead of doing what we've been doing previously... you'll see the video, don't worry haha. Anyways, so while I was hooking up the dryer, switching the plug, elder Rangel was giving himself a haircut (we are such missionaries), and I finally got the dryer re-wired (or so I thought) and went to plug it in.... and BOFF@!@# There was a huge spark, and all the lights in the whole apartment went out! Not just our apartment... the whole building hhaaha. So we hurried downstairs and found the powerbox and switched it back on, ran up to the apartment, and I rewired the dryer correctly, so now it works haha.

Other than that excitement, we've been busy doing spiritual missionary stuff I promise haha. We've been teaching the Perez family, and they're awesome. Theyr'e a family of five, and are getting ready to be baptized hopefully in the next couple of weeks... maybe in June, we're not sure yet. The dad has a lot of doubts from what he hears from his friends, although he reads the book of mormon every day with his wife it's sweet! We're also teaching a lady named Hilda who has five kids and is a single mom... holy MESS! She's sweet, but she is the most flaky lady EVER! It's so annoying because she knows its true, but won't get her butt in gear and go to church! She does everything but that! AAAH!HH!!H!H! We're also teaching a guy named Juan who is the husband of a member here, and he's awesome. Theyr'e a younger couple, maybe in their early 30's, and he's got a heart of gold. He'll get baptized before I leave I bet, but we're just becoming friends with him now to gain his confidence, and then SPLASH! We'll throw him in the font haha jk but seriously. There's also a lady named Patricia who we're teaching. She's kind of hard on luck and the church is helping her out, and we're teaching her, but she has real interest it's cool! Not only that, but the week we started teaching her, her sister and her family moved back to Woodburn from Logan, Utah where they were baptized a year ago....PLOP! More blessings from heaven haha!

Oh but now I've gotta tell you the story of what happened on Saturday... oh saturday saturday... We were invited to go to breakfast with a recent convert named hermana Lupe Gutierrez, better known as Lupe-G. Anyways, we showed up to her house at 7, and they were watching a movie (who watches movies at 7 am?) and began to talk with her. We ended up staying and talking with ehr for about an hour while they finished the movie and we went to breakfast, and I felt bad because... well... that's like watching a movie. After that for the rest of the day, I feel like God kind of smited (sp?) us in that ALL of our appointments fell though... now... that wouldn't have been a big deal except for the fact that there were SIX OF THEM! Holy crap I'm never going to half-watch a movie again! Obedience is definitely important in missionary work. Oh! Aside from that I have to tell you a little side-story. So we went to breakfast with Lupe-G and her family at Burger King, and oh my gosh... it was like Jehova-Fest! There's a kindom hall not too far from there, and go figure, being a saturday, it was packed with little testiguitos!!!! Oh my goodness no joke there were probably 50 of them, and they were all scared to talk to us haha. I said hi to one of them and he looked at me funny for a second, then like scampered off to his JW buddies haha. Well, I guess you have a lot to be scared of when your church is founded on blasphemy... oops haha.

Aside from that, I met a family last night, and as I got talking with them, it turns out that he served his mission in mexico in '71 and I wondered if maybe that's when uncle Lee served his mission? Anyways just a thought.

Sorry this email is getting kind of rambly, but yeah... Just thought you guys might enjoy that little tidbit haha. Aside from that, Mom, I'm sending off a little something for mothers day for you, and I hope you enjoy it, and I just sent off pictures to Katie today, so she should be coming over sometime soon... actually, I talked her into coming over on Mothers day so I can talk to all of you :-) Does that sound good? I hope so, because I already told her haha.

All right you guys I've gotta get going and buy myself a new backpack, but I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week and I'll talk to you on SUNDAY!!!! Oh! Speaking of which, You guys said your church gets out at 1 right? I'll be out of mine around 1 yourtime, so I'll plan on calling at 2:00 in the afternoon, okay? Bye mom I love you so much!

Love, your son,

Elder Kurt Kay Mooney

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  1. Oh my! I can just picture two guys carrying all that furniture down the road! That is too funny. I wish I were there on mother's day to talk to him. Be sure to tell Kurt we love him sooooo much.