Monday, May 17, 2010

Hoofin' It

Hey mom!
Oh my gosh it sounds like you guys had a whirlwind trip up here in Oregon and then down to St. George right after! Are you and Dad going to be recovering for a couple of days or are you going right back to work after that? Hopefully you guys get a little bit of time to relax after destroying yourselves with a trip like that haha.
Things here are sweet, this week has been busy, but nothing extremely exciting has happened... we taught a ton of lessons this week, had a few exchanges, and yeah... we totally spent our alotted 1250 miles for the month which sucks because now we have to walk everywhere! The main reason is that Saturday night we had to drive all the way to Hillsboro and back for the wedding of one of Rangel's investigators, and then drive to Silverton for dinner the next day, and then Hillsboro right after for the baptism of that investigator of Rangel's. Oh my gosh we seriously spent probably 300 miles or more in this week alone, which brings us to a total of 945 miles for the month... this month is going to suck haha. This morning we decided we're going to be walking on every P-day from here on out to try to save on miles haha. We actually walked to the library this morning which felt nice, and who knows? Maybe it'll help me stay skinny-ish haha. I'm at 210 right now, which means I'm only up 7 pounds from when I started my mission!

Oh man what else has been exciting this week.... Oh! So transfers... Elder Rangel and I are staying (obviously or we wouldn't be doing emails right now) for another transfer together! I am seriously so stoked to have another transfer to work with him because we work so well together here, and not to mention our area is saweet! Another awesome thing about this transfer is that Smithee is training again! That means I'm gonna have a little brother in the mission finally! haha I know that sounds weird, but "lineage" in the mission is kind of a big deal... like I could tell you that my line goes from Haslam to Pfeifer to Tennant to Smithee to me! All great missionaries (not me quite yet, I'm still getting better). But yeah it'll be exciting to finally have some new people in the mission so I won't be the youngest missionary in the field anymore! It's pretty rad we're gonna have 4 greenies coming in today... it's weird to think that's been almost six months ago. On the 30th of this month I'll have six months in the field! Crazy huh? Time flies when you're having fun haha.
Okay, I can't think of anything else exciting that happened this week, so I'm gonna bail outta here and go enjoy some P-day with my buddy Rangel and the english elders, but yeah. Have a great week I love you guys!

Elder Mooney

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  1. Sounds like he is really doing great! I can't believe he has already been out that long. Awesome!!