Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey mom!

Okay, so my email isn't going to be as epic as it usually is because we've got some other stuff to do today, but I had to clue you in on what we've been up to here... so guess what... we had FOUR people baptized on saturday! Oh my gosh what a sweet experience it was. I ended up baptizing the mom of the family (Ines), and elder Rangel also baptized the youngest. The other two were baptized by the elders that were here in Woodburn before, so it was sweet... except when I baptized the hermana, it took me three times to do it right! Ah that was embarrassing haha oh well. It was funny... afterwards her husband said (in spanish), "wow you must have had a lot of sins if they had to baptize you three times hahaha." It was a good time though and a really spiritual experience. I also was chosen to speak on the holy ghost and it went well... My spanish is getting less and less crappy as time goes by haha. Then on sunday, they picked me to do confirmation for Ami as well, which had me sweating bullets! Oh my goodness it's like the most nerve-racking thing ever! Luckily it went really well... I really felt blessed with the gift of tongues because I didn't make any mistakes with what I spoke, and I don't feel like I was the one who was talking... The blessing that came along with it was pretty specific about things that were going to pass in her life... pretty cool stuff.

Aside from that, we're still working really hard and trying to teach as many people as possible. I've also come to the conclusion that I'm just going to write to the family on email because I don't have enough time to write to everybody else, so yeah... back to snail mail I go with everybody else! speaking of snail mail, thank you for sending the package mommy! I'm guessing it'll be arriving this week with our zone leaders... one nice thing about being the companion of the district leader is that we're in a little closer contact with the zone leaders.

Oh! I've gotta tell you about our little golfing experience here in Woodburn... hahaha. We went to the good ol' "woodburn municipal" here close to town... oh my goodness it was super ghetto but it was so much fun! Except one thing happened.... I broke a driver! Oh my goodness I took a video of it so you guys can see it... speaking of which, if you guys want to see it, I need my other memory card back to do so haha, so if you find time to send that out here that would be sweet.

I don't know if I really want to sent too many pictures from here in Woodburn though... oh my goodness these people feed you so much I'm afraid I'm getting fat! I started my mission at 200, and in the last four weeks, I've gained 10 freakin' pounds! Oh my gosh I absolutely hate it! The food is so friggin' good, but they just never stop feeding you! Even if we just stop by to say hi to someone, they invite us in to "chat", and then they chinese sneak-attack you with like tamales or tres leches, or something else that's ridiculously tasty but they dont stop feeding you until you're about to cry! AAAAH! It wouldn't be so bad, but sometimes it happens three times in one day. The members are so good to us here, that we almost don't even have to buy food. People give us bagfuls and case-loads it's insane!

Anyways, that's about the excitement here in Woodburn, or "Gudburd" as some of the paisas here call it haha. Have a great week mom, I love you. Tell dad I appreciate his letters and that I love him too. I'll talk to you guys next week and I'll call you on mothers day!


-Elder Mooney

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