Monday, May 24, 2010


May 24, 2010
Dear Family,

Okay, so I've got quite a bit to write about what happened this week in Woodburn haha it's been exciting... so first off I've gotta tell you about the miles situation that we had... we were 15 days into the month and had only 200 miles left for the rest of the month basically, so we decided to walk for a few days haha. Last Monday we walked to do our emails as well as to do our shopping, and didn't drive anywhere all day. Tuesday, we had an appointment in Gervais, so we had to donate some miles for that trip to teach the Perez family, but other than that, we had an epic day of walking haha. We walked at least six or seven miles, and it felt sweet to get some exercise in for once haha. Being in a car all the time and only having half an hour to work out in the mornings just doesn't cut it.
Okay aside from being bingo on miles for the last three weeks of the month, we had a funny experience on Wednesday haha. Tuesday night we had taught Ramon and Rocio and were trying to find out how we can help them get baptized, so we got his full name, then decided to go talk to the folks down at the great and abominable... uh... I mean the Catholic church. So anyways, Wednesday during the day, we decided to head over there to see if we could find out if his marriage license actually existed in the church because he says he wasn't sure, and he can't get married and then baptized if he is married to someone in mexico and living with Rocio. So, we went in there, and I about died laughing. So you know how the Catholic church has "holy water" or whatever? We were exploring the Cathedral trying to find the office, and we found a water cooler thing... FULL OF HOLY WATER!!! Needless to say, we're going to be taking another trip back there to fill up a water bottle sometime soon haha :-). Aside from that little experience, we finally found the office and talked to someone, and it turns out they have no idea how we could get in contact with the Catholic church where Ramon was married... go figure. Blasphemous AND unorganized haha.
Aside from smashing the Catholics in my email, I've gotta tell you guys about what happened on Thursday this last week. So we were out tracting, and we bumped into a guy who has the new iPad. Yeah, I'd never heard of one and now that I've seen one, I want it! haha but anyways, we got talking to him about his iPad and stuff and how it was rad and blah blah blah and then we turned it to talking about the church. He didn't seem too excited about the book of mormon, but then I did something that I have to say was pretty freaking sweet. I affirm, and I'm pretty sure I'm correct, that I am the first missionary in the history of the church to give someone a book of mormon electronically while tracting haha! I told him he could check it out on his iPad, so I got on iTunes and downloaded the Book of Mormon to is iPad and had him read Moroni 10:3-5! Oh my gosh it was like the sweetest thing ever!!! haha anyways, just thought I'd tell you guys about that.
Other than that, we've just been busy knocking and finding new people. Patricia has a baptismal date for the 20th of June which will be awesome. The Perez family who hasn't come to church in almost a month came yesterday, and yeah... Gosh I love the mission.
Oh! I was going to ask, but you guys already said that you got to talk with president Pister? Gosh I love that man. He's the branch president here, and he is... ah he's just the man. That is one person you guys are going to have to meet after the mission he's just a great guy. We were at dinner with him on Thursday and all of a sudden he says, "so I talked to your parents the other day, they say hi." and it really kind of shocked me haha. Not only that, but for the first time since coming on my mission, I had grilled cheese and tomato soup... like I make it! Oh my gosh I thought I'd died and gone to heaven it was so scrumptious!
Aside from loving the mission, I hate the weather right now. It's friggin' may and it's still rainy and cold! We've had straight clouds and rain for like a week and I'm sick of it! Where is my friend Mr. Golden Sun? Hopefully it'll get better soon, but yeah.
Okay, so my letter is starting to ramble and I've gotta go do some shopping today, so I'll talk to you guys next week I love you!!!

Love always,

Elder Kurt Mooney

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  1. oooooohhhh, I want an iPad too. They are sweet! How funny that he got that guy a b of m electronically. Rad, love it... now I'm gonna have to go make some grilled cheese and tomato soup. Dang me for always wanting any food someone mentions!