Saturday, April 10, 2010

Elder Mooney, you're staying in Salem.....NOT!

Well, yesterday brought a slap in the face for me. For transfers, we receive calls on saturday nights so that we have enough time to say goodbyes and get packed up for transfer meeting on Mondays. What happened with me is the following:

We received a call on Saturday night at about 9:00 saying that I was going to be staying in Salem this next transfer, which is awesome because there is still a ton of work to be done here, and I was hoping to be able to baptize the rest of the Martinez family, as well as a lady named Liliana that we found a few weeks back. Then, between sessions on Sunday, we got a call from the AP's, elder Larsen to be exact, and this about sums up what he said to me on the phone: "Umm... hey elder Mooney... uh.... well... the reason I'm calling is... well... it looks like you're being transferred after all... so yeah.... uh... make sure you're packed up and ready for transfer meeting at one o'clock on Monday. Kaybye."

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! I am so annoyed! I NEED one more transfer here so I can get some stuff done! Not that I don't trust elder Garcia to get it done, but FuhREAK it's annoying that I don't get the chance to finish up with some people that I started with! That, and they gave me false hope for staying and then Chinese-sneak-attacked me in between conference sessions on Sunday. Major buzz-kill for sure, but oh well I guess. The most likely place i will be going is Woodburn (It's still morning here, so I'll write when I get to my new area as well) because the two elders that were supposed to be serving there can't drive, so most likely I'll be going with one of them because I can drive. I'm guessing the AP's overlooked the fact that they couldn't drive and realized that yesterday, so they're pulling a switcho-changeo with me and an elder up there. If that doesn't happen, well, I'll definitely keep you posted on what ends up going down haha.

Aside from the crappy transfer situation, things have been great this week. We haven't been able to see the Martinez family very much this week, although Silvia and Guadalupe came to conference on Sunday for one session which was nice, but mainly we've been focusing in on Pedro Vazquez, the one who is our neighbor and his wife is a member. He is an awesome guy. when I go talk to him today, I'm going to make sure he invites me to his baptism when I get back... they will make an awesome family in the church once he gets baptized. We've been kind of SOL on dinners for the last four nights because nobody signed up, so Pedro and Rocio (his wife) have been awesome and actually had us over for dinner... EVERY NIGHT! They've bought us pizza, made us posole, lasagna, and tostadas with this chicken stuff that I can't even remember what it's called, but long story short, these people are AWESOME! Not only that, they bought us all like four boxes of cereal, gave the other elders pans to cook in, and a washer and dryer! Un-freaking believable. I absolutely love them. But yeah, Pedro is golden, he just needs to crecer sus propios cajones and he can get baptized haha.

Okay, I've gotta get going, but I'll write after transfer meeting and let you all know how things pan out... cripes I'm stressed about this haha.

Con amor,

-Elder Kurt Kay Mooney

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