Monday, November 1, 2010


Dearest Mommy,

Well, today is the day. I've spent the morning packing up and visiting a couple members to say goodbye... ah man I hate goodbye's. Especially in this area right now. We had such a successful week and everything seemed to be going so well and then BAM! Now I'm jettisoned off into another part of the mission!

So I'll start with what happened from the beginning of the week last week and work forward as always. We started off with some kick butt visits where we included Juan Velasquez (baptized in September) to help us teach. It was amazing! We're teaching a couple right now whose names are Leonel and Christina, and it went super well! Juan helped us teach them about the plan of salvation, and ultimately we were able to invite them to be baptized which they accepted! Ah man I was super pumped! They'll be getting baptized in the end of November, so there's one trip I'll be able to make back to visit for.

Other than them, we've been meeting a lot with Adan and Rahab. As soon as I found out I was getting the boot on Saturday, we went and talked with them. It turns out they've decided to get married before the end of the year and they both want me to baptize them when they're ready! There are two more trips I can take back :-). Ah I am so stoked about that one... they're gonna make great members of the church when they're locked and loaded.

So aside from that, It's just been kind of a sad weekend packing, making sure no investigators fall through the cracks... I'll write later today to let you know exactly what shakes out. Thank you for the popcorn balls by the way they were scrumptious! I had to cut them up to eat them with the veneers, but it was totally worth it! haha I love you guys I'll talk to you later!


Elder Mooney

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