Monday, November 1, 2010

Letter from Elder Mooney's Branch President in Woodburn

Dear Brother and Sister Mooney:
Well, it has been a marvelous run, but your son is leaving our little branch tomorrow. It appears he will be transferred to Beaverton. He is sitting in our dining room playing dominoes at this moment, since the president has suggested that their tracting could be mistaken for "trick or treating". He will be with us the remainder of the evening.
I want you to know that he has been more than outstanding for our branch. He is a stellar, hard-working missionary. I was speaking with our executive secretary and he mentioned that Elder Mooney has almost been a third counselor for us in our branch presidency. We have a fairly thin pool of reliable priesthood at this stage and his presence has been invaluable. He has demonstrated a maturity far beyond his age and in his seven months has yet to let me down in any assignment. It will be extremely difficult to replace him. Beaverton is fortunate to have him come and serve in that area.
So, thank you for what you have done in raising such a magnificent Elder. We were blessed by his presence.
Karl Pister

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  1. WOW! That is an amazing, amazing letter! We are so proud of you Kurt! We hope you can love Beaverton just as much.