Monday, November 29, 2010

E-mail from Pres. Pister in Woodburn

Sister Mooney:
Just thought you might like to see your son in action. While no longer with us in Woodburn, a young sister with whom he worked diligently while he was here, was baptized tonight. A marvelous aspect of her baptism is that she will be able to be sealed to her parents who are going through the Portland temple on December 18th.
The first picture is left to right: cousin, sister, Brother Cruz, Ibeliz, Sister Cruz, sister's daughter (cousin and sister are not members)
Second photo: Brother Cruz and Ibeliz
Third: Three branch members at dinner after baptism at the Cruz
Fourth: Elders Van Houk (Elder Mooney's current companion), Page, Thomas, Rivera, and your son.

Thank you for setting the base, early on, for the success we now enjoy due to wonderful missionaries. While he is no longer in the branch, he trained so well that Elder Rivera has not missed a beat since becoming senior companion. The other elder, Elder Page, continues strong as he works well with Rivera. The new elder, Elder Thomas, is thriving due to Page and Rivera. All due to some great work on your son's part.

Take good care.
Karl Pister

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