Monday, February 1, 2010

Short and saweet!

Hey guys!

Okay, I apologize this is gonna be a short email, but we have a bunch of stuff we have to get done today. Ah the hectic life of a missionary.

It sounds like you guys had a blast with all the rest of the family over! That was so good to get the notes from Susan, Kelly, and Mike! Tell them all I love them, okay? Also, thank you mommy for all the hard work you put into writing me letters every week... even if you have to re-write it three times to get it to me :-P.

The baptisms we were supposed to have saturday have been pushed back yet again... dangit haha. Silvia is completely ready and is excited for the 13th of February as her baptismal date, but now her daughter Guadalupe isn't looking like she's going to be getting baptized in the near future. Honestly, I think it's because she has a problem with the word of wisdom.... That, and she doesn't read the Book of Mormon on a consistent basis. I can't really fault her any for that, I mean, I remember before starting the mission that reading for five minutes every day was like the end of the world haha. Now, however, I realize that it's not even a big deal! I mean, how often do we just sit on the couch, not even watching the tv for more than five minutes every day? Now if I could just convince people to do it! Five minutes! That's all I ask! Ah well, she still wants to get baptized, but wants a little more time, so that's fine.

As for other things going on here, we have five more scheduled baptisms, which is gonna be saweeet!!!! Three are from a family that Smithee taught here when he started his mission almost a year and a half ago, and the other is the boyfriend of a member (there's nothing wrong with flirting for converting, right?)

Anyways, that's the quick update for this week, just trabajando como burros. I love you guys and I pray for each one of you every day.

Con amor,

Elder Mooney

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