Monday, February 15, 2010

FIrst Baptism!

Dearest Mom and Dad,

HEY!!!! On an extremely exciting note, we had a baptism on Saturday!!!!!!! It was awesome! Silvia Duenas Quintera Martinez (good luck trying to say all of that when you're trying to baptize her) is now officially a member of the the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I was the one who got to baptize her!!!! I have never been so excited about the mission! Ah it was just such a sweet experience to see that happen after only having served for two and a half months in the mission field. The thing that makes it even sweeter is the fact that we have a few more lined up in March!

Unfortunately, I think elder Smithee is going to be leaving me this next transfer, so I'm a little worried about who my next companion is going to be.... hopefully it'll be someone who knows their crap... I'm kinda hoping it'll be someone who is a native Spanish speaker and English is their second language so that I can learn more Spanish... guess we'll see what happens.

Aside from Silvia's baptism, we've just been busy teaching as always. Not really any new investigators or anything, just teaching the same people we have been for a while, but it's good because they're progressing :-) Oh man one thing I've got to mention though, is that there was a Valentine's dance for the Spanish branch on Friday night... oh man I don't like ranchero music, and that's all that they played... THE WHOLE TIME! The food was sweet, the members are awesome, but gosh they need some musical enlightenment haha oh well they're cool people anyways.

All right that about wraps up the exciting news from this week for me, but what's new with you guys? Is the weather still kinda warm down there? It's been kinda wacky here trading off between sunny and cloudy about every other day... right now we have a marine layer fog that has rolled in, and yesterday it was sunny for part of the day... I don't understand Oregon weather, but at least it's not snowing I guess haha. How's work Dad? Still teaching a whole mess of kids Mom? Is Katie Jo staying away from boys, or am I gonna have to kick some butts when I get home? Say hi to Josh for me, okay?

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