Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost camera memory card

Dearest Mommy,

Well, that's kind of a kick in the.... pants... haha. I can't believe that those pictures got lost in the mail... that sucks! That's six months of pictures absolutely gonzo if that doesn't get recovered. Oh well I guess... that's how we learn lessons sometimes-- the hard way :-P. I had an inkling when I put that in the box, but I never thought it'd get lost dangit. Meh. That's why we take pictures and let other people take them too. I'm sure I can salvage at least a good 50 pictures or so if I ask around... I know it's not 300, but it's better than losing all of them, ya know?

Aside from that little downer, this week has been pretty sweet! I feel really bad because I can't remember all of the stuff that I had written down in my planner to tell you guys (I left it in the apartment), but I at least wanted to let you know about the blastie we had today for our zone activity. We took a little trip to the coast :-) We cruised on over to Seaside today and had a blast doing absolutely nothing productive haha.

I feel bad, but I really can't think of anything we did without blitzing trhough my planner, so maybe I'll just pull a double duty for next week on the email.... I can't really think what to write... yeah I'll just try to write more next week okay? I love you guys so much.

Talk to ya later!

-Elder Mooney

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