Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Slowly but surely

October 21, 2010
Dear Mom and Dad,
Well, this week has been a little bit less exciting... and I think that's a good thing haha. Right now I'm here at the Mt. Angel abbey writing this email with my good ol' zone leader elder Davis... and I don't even know what to write haha. This week has really been pretty uneventful.... I'm trying to think of anything out of the ordinary that happened.
Well, first things first I guess. So you all know, elder Rivera is almost 100% now! He is going to be going out to do visits with us tonight, so that will be exciting :-) He had a doctors appointment yesterday and they said that he will be fine he just needs to finish his antibiotics this week and he will be golden! No more visits to the hospital or with any doctors! Yes! Finally!!!!! It's super funny though, because "mommy" (hna. Ruybal) is watching over us like a proctective... I don't know what haha. She's making sure that we are safe from any potential typhoid hazards in the future... she won't let us eat at certain places in the branch, if we want to eat at a taqueria, we have to call and ask if it's an okay place, things like that haha.
Other than that, I saw someone I hadn't seen since I was about 15 years old.... Josh Schriner! I know, super random right? We were driving back to our apartment on Sunday after church, and there they were he and his wife driving in a van! They probably thought I was an idiot waving like I was, but I think they recognized me... if not, well... then they'll just think that missionaries are total dorks. At the very least, it was something interesting that I could throw in the email to take up a paragraph :-)
Our investigators right now are doing all right... I'm a little frustrated with them because I feel like we're not really making a lot of headway with all that has been happening with elder Rivera, but now that he's better we should start kicking some butt. Adan's soon to be mother-in-law is having surgery today on her ankle, so we might go visit her to see how she's doing, as well as tell her to push the marriage thing with Adan and Rahab... is that terrible? haha if so, then I apologize, but they need to start living the law of chastity so that they can get baptized! Wedding number two of the mission... I just hope this one works out a lot better than the last one :-S. Aside from them being good and coming to church this last sunday, we had a super funky day for church... I was kind of annoyed. We only had two investigators in church! We called all of our investigators to make sure they were coming, and out of those that answered, all of them said "but it's raining a lot outside"... and!? It's not like we hold our meetings outside people! It was just super funny because branch attendance in general was in the toilet. We only had about 50 people show up... super strange thing about hispanic culture or something. Anyways, at least Adan was there.
I don't think I have anything else to report from this week... we taught a bunch of lessons, we were handing off Rivera to members every day, and yeah... that's about the excitement. It kinda stresses me out a little bit, so I've been super tense, and of course I'm not exactly getting regular massages to work out knots in my back, but let me tell you all a story. So this last Wednesday night we were picking up elder Rivera from the Mendoza's house, we got talking with them for a minute and Hna. Mendoza's brother said "elder, you look overly stressed, let me give you a massage" He gave me one and I just about died I was so happy. My back was solid knots, and he totally worked me over. I don't care that it was a 40 year old man who did it for me because I was completely comatose from 9:30 that night until 6:30 the next morning haha.
So aside from that, I'm over the year mark and I feel really weird about it... where did the time go? I still feel like I just started a little while ago, but here I am with more than a year gone! Poof! Fart in the wind! I don't know what else to say about this past week, so I'll stop. I love you guys so much and I'm so grateful for all the support out here. I'll write something more exciting next week I promise. :-)
Elder Kurt Mooney

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  1. This is pretty funny. Alicia and I were in Woodburn driving our van...minding our own business. Actually, we just came back from Salem where I was getting sworn in as an attorney - we had recently moved back to Oregon from Florida where I finished law school. We came to a four-way stop and there was a car to our left and one of the occupants started waving frantically then we drove off. We quickly realized that they were missionaries and we just thought that they were really happy to see a minivan. Alicia thought...maybe it was Kurt, but I thought no way that he would recognize us after all of these years. But, it is funny to find out that it really was him. Had we realized sooner that it was him we would have chased after him. Maybe I'll have to track him down and take him to lunch when I'm back in Portland sometime.