Monday, March 15, 2010

Comings and GOINGS!

Dearest Mommy,

This week has been pretty sweet... busy as always, but good. I'm just trying to think of what we did this week haha. Well, on the subject of teaching lessons and all, it was totally awesome. We have a solid date set for Alvaro Lara next Sunday at 6:00 p.m. here in the Keizer stake center woot woot! He's such a stud and is going to make a great member. Dana is going to be putting a date for herself in the next little while here, so hopefully that all turns out well. Also, Salvador and Guadalupe (family of Silvia) are hopefully gonna get baptized in the next little while here as well! Aside from that, we're gonna have to start knocking a lot more to find some more people that we can teach, because after them, all we have are Jesus and Yara, and then Pedro Vazquez, who aren't going anywhere anytime soon... it's funny because the last three come to church almost every sunday, but Jesus and Yara are just waiting for papers to get married, and Pedro... well, he's Pedro haha. Slowly but surely he'll bite the bullet and get baptized. But yeah... aside from those, it looks like a lot more knocking for us... woohoo! Honestly it's not even that bad though... it's actually kind of entertaining! It cracks me up because a couple nights back, we went to a member's house to drop off some plates that they had given us food on, and when we knocked the door, they didn't answer forEVER! We knocked three times, and finally their daughter came to the door and through the door asked, "Quien es?" When we said "los misioneros!" she opened up and said, "oh good! My dad thought you guys were la migra!" hahahaha.

Other than that, there was only one other thing that happened this week that is worth really mentioning in this email, but trust me, it's a doooozey!

So this Friday, we had an exchange with our District leader Elder Retis and his companion elder McBride. Retis came down to Salem, and I was up in Woodburn with Elder McBride. Now, elder McBride has been having some problems out here on the mission with wanting to go home, etc., and basically he's been pretty worthless. But anyway, we were on exchange up there, and so that night he looked really mad and frustrated with Retis, but I didn't know why. Anyways, what happened on this exchange was that we went to sleep that night, and the next morning we ate and then he took a shower, then after he got out I took a shower. Then after that, I took a shower, but when I got out, McBride was GONE!!!! Absolutely GONZO!!! The thing that made this even worse is the fact that Elder Retis had accidentally kept the phone of the Woodburn area, so I didn't have a phone, AND McBride stole the car keys. Because of that, I had to run around the complex to find someone with a cell phone to call the elders down in Salem to tell them he had disappeared, and so it turned into a huge fiasco, and long story short, Elder Retis is in a trio in Woodburn with the other elders now, and McBride is gone and we have NO Idea where he is hahaha.

Anyways, that's the quick update for the day, but I love you guys and I miss you so so much! Keep going strong with the spanish, it'll come with some time I promise!

Con amor,

-Elder Mooney

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