Monday, January 11, 2010


Que onda familia?

Life is good as always here in good ol' Salem, Oregon. Things have been a little crazy this week though. We got transfer calls on saturday night, and HOLY MESS!!! We found out they're going to split our area and bring in two more missionaries. The good news is that Smithee is going to be staying here with me in Salem one more transfer, and the other good news is, is that the new elders will be working strictly in Keizer. (This is good news because all of our investigators that have baptismal dates or are progressing are in Salem... Booyahk'shaa). There is one hitch though, they haven't found an apartment for the Keizer elders yet, so they're going to be staying with us in our apartment for the next week or two until they close on one in Keizer for them.... Like I said before, holy mess haha.

Aside from that, we had a saweet experience this last week... We went over just to visit Silvia and Guadalupe and see how they were doing, and I don't remember if I threw this in one of my emails or not, but one time when we went over, Guadalupe's brother said that Mormons don't believe in the bible, which is obviously false, but anyways back to the story. We knocked on the door and Guadalupe invited us in to sit down, and we saw her brother Hugo walk from the kitchen and down the hall to his room. So Smithee and I decided to invite him to come and hear a little more about what we believe, and before we know it, their ENTIRE family was sitting down on the couch listening to the message of the restoration! Silvia and her husband Salvador, Guadalupe, Hugo the older brother, and their youngest daughter andrea, all literally 'mexi-packed' on their couch letting us teach them the restoration and throwing out a whole bunch of bible scriptures haha it was saweet!

What makes this story even cooler is that we invited them to come to a "noche deportiva" on friday, and the entire family showed up and played volleyball and basketball with us, and they were freaking good haha they crushed all the members (with our help of course... :-))

Aside from that, I can't really think of anything else interesting that's gone on, but yeah it's been good here :-) I hope everything is going great at home. I love and miss you guys a lot, but I love being a missionary, and I'll be sending pictures home this week probably, so yeah... have a great week you guys I'm praying for you!

Con amor,

Elder Mooney

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