Monday, November 9, 2009

Six weeks down, 98 to go...!

Hola pueblos,
You're absolutely right Mom, time is FLYING by here in the MTC! I was just talking to some new missionaries that got here this week, and when they asked me how long I'd been here, I couldn't remember ! I had to ask one of the elders in our district... we have been here for six weeks on wednesday... CRAZY! It's a good thing though, We just study the crap out of the scriptures, teach lessons, and learn a whole bunch of spanish. Oh, and eat and sleep... if there's time for it.... I've actually slowly been weaning myself off of sleep, so I don't need it anymore. I just STUDY! haha jk but seriously, eight hours of sleep seems like i just closed my eyes and the alarm is going off again. It's okay though. One thing I've learned, as long as I'm putting forth 100%, and trying to be completely obedient to the commandments and rules we're given, the Lord will make it possible to do all of it... I still get tired and grumpy sometimes, but I do what I'm supposed to haha.
This week.... ummm.... oh gosh what did we do.... Oh! we taught a bunch of lessons, and had a cool talk last night on the power of Christ's atonement. The guy who taught it was in the quorum of the 70, and it was absolutely awesome. He taught us about feeling fully forgiven of sins we've repented of. this is interesting, because this week,I created a list of difficult questions that i wanted to find answers to, and that happened to be one of the questions I had, so it was absolutely awesome to get that answer, ya know? I found that the biggest problem people have, is that they pray and say that they're sorry, but they forget this extremely important point: to ask the Lord if he forgives them. that and he shared a scripture with us from 2Nephi about Christ being the person who cleanses us of our sins so that we can be in the presence of the Father. This was really awesome for me, because I feel like Satan is beating me over the head with stuff that I've repented of, and it's frustrating, because then i had doubts about being worthy, but this thought from this General Authority struck me, and I decided to inquire of the Lord.... Suffice it to say, I no longer worry about being worthy to serve this mission.
Other than that, I don't really recall what went down... We taught a ton of lessons, we're speaking in spanish all the time now, and we read a cool story in the old testament... 1st Samuel chapter 15. I don't remember specifics, but if you have time, look it up. Old Testament is freaking awesome haha.
I'm kind of bummed about spending thanksgiving here.... So many fond memories of being with the family, ya know? I don't know how I'm gonna handle not having Mom's food, or lazing on the couch with Dad. I don't even know if we can play friggin football! What is this world coming to!? I guess I'll just have to learn to be more....thankful for the other things I've got going right?
I apologize this is a little shorter than my usual emails, I just really cannot remember anything extremely exciting that happened this week haha. Hopefully I'm not getting complacent with feeling the spirit here, because it's so strong. I don't think that's possible though, but yeah, I love you guys so much! Tell my friends to send me some FRIGGIN LETTERS! haha
Elder "Moonshine" Mooney

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