Monday, October 26, 2009

Gift of Tongues

Hola Familia! How's everything going? Things are good here, and yes, I DID say swine flu haha. There were three elders headed to peru this week, and they all made it without getting sick luckily, but one of them I became really close friends with, so it was a bummer to see him go. Other than that, and My companion is better now, and so is the other elder who got it. Aside from that, we're all in good health and whatnot so now it's back to the grind. We've been learning spanish at a crazy pace here...I know almost as much spanish now as i learned in six years of learning french it's nuts! I think the reason that is though is because we learn like abslolutely NO nouns in spanish aside from ones pertinent to teaching the lessons haha. That and I really do think the lord blesses us as elders with the gift of tongues.... We taught our first lesson in spanish the other day and it was crazy! we were scared to death and prayed our guts out before we did it just because we know like absolutely nowhere near enough spanish to be teaching, but we did anyway and it was amazing... we kinda stuttered through for the first minute or two trying to get to know our investigator, but after a little bit of time, we caught hold, locked in, continued praying our guts out, and were able to teach the whole lesson with such power. The investigator was about in tears and I was as well along with my companion. I'm sure our conjugation and actual speaking were terrible, but the reason we were able to give the lesson because the spirit was there and we HAD to rely on it to teach anything. This just reiterated the fact to me that we aren't the ones that really teach the people, we're just vessels of the spirit to bring it to our investigators to let them partake and comprehend it. That was probably my most spiritual experience of the week. We had an awesome fireside as well on how as time goes on, the book of mormon along with all the other writings of joseph smith are being proven to be true by Non-LDS sources and it was awesome! Not only to have a testimony of the things already, but to have legitimate proof showing the book of mormon to be the word of God! Other than that, I'm trying to think what else we've been doing.... Oh! I'm not gaining any weight...which is somewhat worrisome... I'm afraid I'm wasting away muscularly, but probably getting fat haha I'll send my sim card this week and let you guys decide. I've been running a couple miles a day and doing situps though, so hopefully I'm not too terribly fat :-P. Oh! haha we invented a wonderful new game for the mtc (it's amazing what you can come up with when you're starved for entertainment) and it's called Acorn Pong. How we play is we gather acorns from the plentitude of oak trees here, and then we set up a shoe about 15 feet away, and we start throwing acorns. However many acorns you make in the shoe, the rest of the elders have to drink that many cups of water at the next meal haha. It sounds absolutely idiotic, but it's freaking addicting, I promise you haha.Anywho, I've just about run out of time, but I love you all (especially my family) and I'll write you guys next week!con todos el amor de mi corazon,-Elder Moonshine

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  1. Headed to Peru, huh? I wonder which mission. I guess it's time to write to Elder Mooney.